Yamaha Fuel Water Primary Filter Wrench OST-0018


Fuel water filter cup wrench for Yamaha F150 to F350 filter assembly.  Safely removes filter cup from filter assembly without damaging delicate plastic parts and avoids tangling in the water sensor wiring.  Compact slotted design allows wrench to clear the fuel water sensor pigtail with no interference and fits easily into tight spaces.  Fits all 3/8″ ratchets.  Stainless, manufactured in Detroit Michigan.



Yamaha fuel water separator filter cup wrench for all Yamaha 4 stroke primary fuel water separator filter cups from F150 to F350.  Slotted design allows wrench to be applied without having to feed the water sensor wiring through the wrench before putting it on the filter assembly.  Allows easy removal of filter cup while minimizing risk of damage to delicate plastic parts and wiring.  Versatile and compact.  Comparable to YB-ACC04-01