Seastar BayStar Diagnostic Fittings Kit OST-0121


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This kit is used for maintenance, diagnostics and repair of SeaStar hydraulic steering components:

  • Kit includes 2 each of the following: Hose Pull couplers OST-0002.001, Hose End Caps OST-0002.002, and HCP Fittings OST-0002.0003
  • Used for pulling new hoses through while removing the old hoses, which remain sealed
  • HCP Caps for capping and sealing SeaStar and Uflex helms for pressure test (turning wheel when sealed to check helm valves), removal and install as well as capping and sealing cylinders for isolation and pressure test
  • Hose end caps to seal off hose ends during component isolation and testing and for keeping fluid from leaking all over the boat during removal of old hoses
  • Makes component replacement drip free, and component disconnect for isolation and testing simple and fast
Availability: In Stock