Upgrade Kit for Power Purge and Bubble Purge Pro OST-0350


For Power Purge Jr. and Bubble Purge Pro SC:
Harness the true power and efficiency of Power Purge Jr and Bubble Purge Pro Series!  This kit connects to Single Cylinder, Dual Cylinder and Power Assist/Auto Pilot configured systems simultaneously so that you can flush/fill & bleed these systems all at the same time without having to run around the boat chasing air bubbles while constantly connecting and disconnecting from one pump to another and jumping from cylinder to cylinder.  You can connect up to all pumps and cylinders at once and open all bleed valves at the same time or one at a time depending on your needs.  Prevents contaminated back-flow from entering into flushed/purged cylinders, auto-pilot and power assist pumps and helms.  Works with all SeaStar hydraulic steering systems from the most complicated down to the most simple!
Works with all known SeaStar and Baystar cylinders, Uflex and SeaStar helm pumps.
  • Compatible with single or dual cylinders and dual cylinders with Liquid Tie Bar.
  • Comes with Return Hose Disconnect, part # OST-0200, to convert Power Purge systems which have factory return installed.
  • Comes with Dual Cylinder Valve Manifold, 2 Dual Cylinder Bleed Hoses which quick connect into the Dual Cylinder Valve Manifold
  • Comes with dedicated Power Assist/Auto pilot bleed hose which connects into main return assembly
  • Our unique design prevents pressurized fluid/air/other contaminants from back-flow into any connected cylinder, accessory pump, helm and protects the clean/new fluid in the Power Purge JR fluid reservoir.
  • Includes full instructions for install and hose routing schematic for simultaneous or single accessory purge.
  • Add an optional 4th hose attachment to bleed Power Assist, Properly equipped Auto Pilot and single/dual cylinder at the same time or one by one
  • Easy steering system flush into separate containment with no risk of putting contaminated fluid into your Bubble Purge fluid reservoir.

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Converts Power Purge Jr and Bubble Purge SC with single cylinder tee assembly into dual cylinder and multi-accessory compatible for simultaneous dual cylinder flush fill and bleed.
Works with SeaStar and Baystar cylinders and helms
Compatible with single, dual multiple cylinders and dual cylinder with Liquid Tie Bar.
Includes Return Hose Disconnect Kit (part # OST-0200) allowing for easy retrofit into factory Power Purge Jr systems.
Comes with Dual Cylinder and Power assist Bleed Hoses which quick connect into the main Cylinder Attachment Assembly
Also comes with full instructions for install and hose routing schematic for simultaneous dual cylinder and accessory purge.