OST-0023B with OST-0023B.002 and OST-0023B.003 Complete Yamaha Kit with 32mm and 38mm adapters


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OST-0023B Trim Spanner Kit for Yamaha Suzuki, Johnson Evinrude.  Redesigned for 2023 for more precision and durability.  The Yamaha Kit has similar features to the original OST-0023 Universal Spanner.  The Complete Yamaha Kit is a 3 piece kit that includes the receiver and the 32mm and 38mm adapters which fit all known trim cylinder end caps used by Yamaha, Showa, Suzuki I4 and V6, Johnson and Evinrude V4 and V6.  Made in the USA.
The OST-0023B.001 Receiver is constructed of Tool Grade Stainless and has a 1/2″ ratchet drive as well as 36mm hex and is compatible with box end, open end and 1/2″ ratchets.
This kit covers all of Yamaha Trim as well as Suzuki, Honda, Johnson Evinrude.  Includes 1 receiver and 2 adapters:
The adapters are made of Tool Grade Stainless with replaceable pins which offer superior performance in durability and precision.
OST-0023B.002 is the 32mm X 4mm adapter to fit Yamaha Showa units on Yamaha 2 stroke V6 as well as F115 (Pre-2012), F150, F200XB, F350.  This adapter also fits numerous Johnson Evinrude and Suzuki 4 Stroke models
OST-0023B.003 is the 38mm X 4mm adapter to fit Yamaha 4 stroke V6 3.3L and 4.2L Trim Caps.  This includes F200, F225 and F250 3.3L as well as F250 to F300 4.2L.
Warranty: Receiver and Adapter plates and receiver connecting pins are covered under warranty.  The cylinder end cap 4mm and 5mm pins are wear items and are not covered under warranty.
Check our our demo video, and better photos coming soon!
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