Lower Bearing Carrier Puller For All Horsepower Outboards OST-0024


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OST-0024 is compatible with all known outboard lower bearing carriers for all horsepower from all manufacturers

  • Makes easy work of removing bearing carrier assemblies from 9.9 HP up to largest horsepower outboards on the market. 
  • One tool does the job for everything in your shop, stop spending a fortune on multiple pullers, bits and pieces to work with large and small horse motors.  Compatible with recessed carriers with threaded retainer ring as well as bolt-in carriers with exposed flange.  Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki, Johnson Evinrude, Honda… we got you covered
  • Self aligning design gives OST-0024 rock solid feel and aligns force where it is needed, eliminating the slop and wasted effort created by less efficiently designed pullers.  Spend less time with your torch!
  • Dramatically better performance and durability compared to hook style pullers and slide hammers
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Comes with full unconditional warranty


Instructions OST-0024 Lower Bearing Carrier Puller Instructions

Schematics OST-0024 Lower Bearing Carrier Puller


OST-0024 Demo Video click here or scroll down.

Customer Photos:

When Hook Style Pullers Attack:  Examples of unnecessary damaged caused by pullers with ill-fitting hooks pulling on an aluminum bearing carrier… from a contributor who used a puller with hooks that failed to do its job, and badly damaged a Yamaha V6 bearing carrier in the process.  He later used OST-0024 for an easy extraction.  OST-0024 was designed to avoid damage caused by pulling on something not designed for pulling… and wasting a lot of time and energy (your time and energy) in the process

From an OST-0024 owner working on 2007 Yamaha F350’s standard and counter rotating:

No torch required, easily removed both carriers after I had tried using other pullers that couldn’t do the job!


In stock


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