Fuel Pressure and Sampling Adapter OST-FST-009.1 For Mercury Yamaha Suzuki


OST-FST-009.1 Fuel Pressure and Sampling Adapter 

Connects fuel pressure gauges for easier safer pressure measurements as well as fuel sampling at the fuel injector rail with or without schrader valves, quick connect fittings and hose barb fittings on Mercury 4 Stroke and ProXS models, Yamaha 4 Stroke EFI, and OX66 2 Stroke models with Schrader and quick connects, Suzuki 4 Stroke EFI
  • Connects your fuel pressure gauge to most modern 4 Stroke EFI fuel systems to simplify diagnostic work
  • Fully compatible with OST-FST-001 components as well as OST-FST-003 Fuel Pressure adapter extension hose for easier remote measurement
  • Comes with all connections needed for schrader/no schrader systems and clear attachment with shut off valve offering an easy, controllable method for seeing what exactly is floating around near the fuel injectors and injector rails.
  • Sampling tube allows effortless visual and sample inspection in EFI fuel systems
  • Can be used to flush water and contaminants from fuel rail and pressurized fuel supply hoses between VST and injectors

Additional information

Weight 15.9 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in