Purge and Bleed Assembly for Optimus 360 OST-061


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Fluid Purge and Bleed Assembly for Optimus 360

  • Hose and valve assembly connects between Optimus Series Steering Pumps and Optimus/SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Cylinders for system bleed and flush
  • 12′ Length, quick connect fittings connect to male quick connects found on Optimus Pumps and SeaStar Cylinders, for extended distances between Cylinder and Optimus Pumps (more than 12 feet), hose extension is available
  • Includes Return Hose Disconnect, for contaminated fluid disposal during system flush
  • Includes Male to Male (Blue) fitting for removing the air from the Purge Assembly prior to connecting the return hose into the Optimus Pump, Primer fitting also use for fluid flush and disposal, the female quick connects are sealed until connected
  • Compatible with Mercury Power Steering with sealed Uflex Helm for cylinder air purge and fluid cycling and system flush


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Availability: In Stock