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The Bubble Purge Pro DC Kit is a professional grade tool designed to efficiently handle all aspects of bleed and flush on all SeaStar Hydraulic Steering system configurations. 

Whether the steering system has multiple helms, single cylinder, dual cylinders, liquid tie bar, power assist and or autopilot, the Bubble Purge Pro DC Kit will make system bleed and flush a much more efficient and cost effective process than can be achieved with any other technology on the market today!  Our bleed attachments, sold separately, allow the Pro DC Kit to bleed dual cylinders simultaneously.  Whether you are working on dual cylinder with Liquid Tie Bar or steel tie bar, this system is compatible with both.

Advantages of the Bubble Purge Pro DC Kit versus other systems on the market:

  • Easy Professional results at a small fraction of the price.  The complete Pro DC Kit is configured for dual cylinder compatibility and will save you hundreds of dollars compared to other dual cylinder capable bleed/flush tools on the market.  Compatible with all SeaStar hydraulic steering configurations and recommended bleed methods.
  • Our unique helm fill fittings and cylinder attachments are designed to keep all fluid self contained, remaining sealed for minimal leaks, minimal fluid waste and maximum efficiency!  Gone are the days of sticking a pin into the fluid bottle and praying not to spill expensive fluid all over the boat!  Gone are the days of wasting 2 plus quarts of fluid when all you needed was 1 quart to do the job!
  • Easy to clean and maintain, our equipment dramatically reduces the chances and risks of contaminated fluid being added into the steering system when used on a repetitive professional basis.  You can see every drop of fluid that is in the Pro DC Kit from end to end.  With our return line flush disconnect, it literally can not be any easier to flush contaminated fluid out of the steering system and the bleed hoses.
  • Kit ships with complete instructions, and as always, you have access to our dedicated tech support when you need us!
  • If you are working on a budget, our kit can be purchased with or without dual cylinder bleed attachments and can also be rented.  The Pro DC Kit rents complete with dual cylinder bleed attachments for $119.00 and without the dual cylinder bleed attachments for $98.00. Please see our rental section for terms and conditions. 

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Pro DC Kit without dual cylinder bleed attachments, Pro DC kit with dual cylinder bleed attachments

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