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The Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC are compact, affordable, easy to use and maintain options for professional level flush, fill, bleed on all SeaStar, BayStar and most Uflex Hydraulic Steering systems.  These kits work seamlessly on systems with more complex plumbing such as those equipped with power assist, auto pilot, single cylinder, dual cylinder and dual cylinder with Liquid Tie Bar as well as multiple helm stationsBubble Purge Pro SC is designed for single cylinder applications only.  Bubble Purge DC works with all single or multiple cylinder configurations.

G2 Quick Connects new for 2020, quick connects modified for much improved clearance between cylinder bleed valves and bottom of engine compartment!  Critical feature for working on Yamaha 4.2L V6 F250 and F300 as well as 3.3L V6 F200 to F250!

Check out our instructional demo videos for the Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC Kits:



Pro SC Kit Demo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fw40ytaRsUw

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The Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC Kits are professional grade tools designed to efficiently handle all aspects of bleed and flush on all modern SeaStar, BayStar and Uflex Hydraulic Steering system configurations. 

Whether the steering system has multiple helms, single cylinder, dual cylinders, liquid tie bar, power assist and or autopilot, the Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC Kits will make system bleed and flush a much more efficient and cost effective process than can be achieved with any other technology on the market today!  The advantage of the Pro Kits versus Bubble Purge 3 are numerous when it comes to repair and maintenance of more complex steering systems.  Once air has exited the steering system at the cylinder bleed valves it can not re-enter.  Air is routed through the return line above decks to vent into the fluid bottle or to open air.  The cylinder attachment can uncouple from the return hose to allow for super easy and clean system flush.  Standard length from end of cylinder bleed attachment fittings to end of return line is 23 feet.  If your distance from cylinder to helm is greater than 20 feet, please see our Bubble Purge Pro Return Hose Extension which adds 10 feet to the return hose for longer runs.

Bubble Purge Pro SC is designed for all single cylinder systems with any configuration of helm(s) autopilot, power assist etc.  The Pro SC is a 5 piece kit which includes the Fill Tube, Helm Tee, Threaded Helm Fitting, Cylinder Attachment and Return Hose which connects the Cylinder Attachment to the Helm Tee and allows air to vent out while steering fluid cycles back through the helm

Bubble Purge Pro DC is designed for multiple cylinder and single cylinder systems offering simultaneous dual cylinder bleed and flush with all known configurations of autopilot, Liquid Tie Bar, power assist, single or multiple helms.  The Pro DC Kit includes the same parts list as the SC Kit with the addition of Dual Cylinder Bleed Hoses (2) which connect to a modified Cylinder Attachment.

Advantages of the Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC Kits versus other systems on the market:

  • Professional results at a small fraction of the price and faster than any closed loop style kit.  Compatible with all SeaStar hydraulic steering configurations and manufacturer recommended bleed methods.
  • G2 Quick Connect fittings are modified for better clearance in tight spaces.  These custom fittings are a must for Yamaha 4 stroke 3.3 Liter and 4.2 liter V6 models!
  • The Bubble Purge Pro Kits are completely self contained, remaining sealed for no leaks, minimal fluid waste and maximum efficiency!  Gone are the days of sticking a pin into the fluid bottle and praying not to spill expensive fluid all over the boat!  Gone are the days of wasting 2 plus quarts of fluid when all you needed was 1 quart to do the job!
  • Easy to clean and maintain, and compact design: Our equipment dramatically reduces the risks of contaminated fluid being added into the steering system (or the reservoir in a Power Purge) when used on a repetitive professional basis.  You can see every drop of fluid that is in the Pro DC Kit from end to end.  With our return line flush disconnect, it literally can not be any easier to flush contaminated fluid out of the steering system and the bleed hoses.
  • Kit ships with complete instructions, and as always, you have access to our dedicated tech support when you need us!
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Full unconditional warranty. 

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