Bubble Purge™ Hydraulic Steering Bleed and Purge Kit OST-PBB.001




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A recent review from a Bubble Purge owner posted to thehulltruth.com:
Today with the help of a 12-year-old I accomplished what three different boat mechanics didn’t. I hooked up my purge fittings and within 30 minutes cleared about 5” (size of bubble in clear tubing) of air from each helm.  30 minutes, no cut bottles, zero mess and no wasted oil. 

Our patent pending Bubble Purge™ Hydraulic Steering Bleed and Purge Kit is possibly the cleanest, easiest and most efficient bleed system in existence for single cylinder outboard hydraulic steering systems.  Professional Results at a fraction of the price! The kit comes with detailed instructions and the following parts:  Helm Fill Tube Bottle Attachment, Cylinder Bleed Attachment and Helm Fill Fittings which securely connect to the fill tube and fluid bottle to the helm.  Made for all SeaStar, Baystar and Uflex hydraulic steering systems.

The Bubble Purge™ Kit offers the following advantages:

  • Quick connect fittings offer clean, secure connections, no pin holes needed, reducing drips and spills
  • One person easily controls the bleed process from end to end
  • Changing out fluid bottles is quick and clean.
  • Entire steering system remains sealed during the bleed process from end to end, ensuring that fluid goes where it is supposed to go!
  • Rental:  If you would like to rent this tool, please select rental option.  Rental price is $40.00.  Please see Tool Rentals Section for details and conditions. 

***Bubble Purge Kit is not intended for use with power assist pumps.  For twin cylinder systems with liquid tie bar, refer to SeaStar Manufacturer instructions for bleed procedure.  Failure to follow manufacturer recommendations can result in product failure.  Contact OST support for more information.  

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