Bubble Purge™ G2 Hydraulic Steering Bleed and Purge Kit OST-PBB.001


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We created the Bubble Purge G2 to offer you an easy to use tool that makes hydraulic steering maintenance and repair a 1 person job.  Our patented kit is a perfect fit for SeaStar, BayStar (Complete BayStar Repair Demo featured below!) and Uflex helms and cylinders.   Maximize your investment in the right tools to maintain your boat and motor!

  • One person can easily bleed, purge and flush the entire system from end to end, no need to pierce the bottle.  The G2 kit and bottle remain completely sealed during the entire process.
  • G2 quick connect fittings are modified for better clearance in confined spaces, an absolute must for Yamaha 4.2L and 3.3L F200 to F300 applications.
  • Bottle Fill Tube engineered for a tight seal and elongated tubing means you can actually set the bottle down somewhere to check on other stuff (requirement for a true 1 person job), 2 separate swivel points with easy 360 degrees rotation at the bottle cap and the helm fill offer you unmatched flexibility as opposed to flimsy, leaky plastic fill tubes which are too short to set down, have poor or no ability to rotate without coming unscrewed, and are prone to leaking when exposed to direct sunlight….. sunlight! 
  • The Cylinder Attachment connects onto the bleed fittings with a simple push and click.  Will not leak during bleed process.
  • The G2 Kit comes with Bottle Fill Tube, Cylinder Bypass Attachment, Threaded Helm Fitting and Primer/Fill Fitting (the small section of tubing with male ends)
  • Kit has full warranty, and tech support to help with any questions
  • Not recommended for steering systems with Power Assist/Power Steering and or Auto Pilot components 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Bubble Purge G2 Instructions

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BUBBLE PURGE G2? Check out the FAQ page by clicking HERE.

Scroll down for demo video (features generation 1 Bubble Purge Kit) or Click Here to Watch.

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Dimensions 8 × 10 × 2 in