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Seastar BayStar Diagnostic Fittings Kit OST-0121


This kit is used for maintenance, diagnostics and repair of SeaStar hydraulic steering components:

  • Kit includes 2 each of the following: Hose Pull couplers OST-0002.001, Hose End Caps OST-0002.002, and HCP Fittings OST-0002.0003
  • Used for pulling new hoses through while removing the old hoses, which remain sealed
  • HCP Caps for capping and sealing SeaStar and Uflex helms for pressure test (turning wheel when sealed to check helm valves), removal and install as well as capping and sealing cylinders for isolation and pressure test
  • Hose end caps to seal off hose ends during component isolation and testing and for keeping fluid from leaking all over the boat during removal of old hoses
  • Makes component replacement drip free, and component disconnect for isolation and testing simple and fast

SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Rebuild Service Tool Kit

In Stock!
This kit includes all of the tools needed for SeaStar cylinder tear-down, rebuild and bleed.  

Mercury Outboard Trim Wrench Kit OST-0052


4 Spanner Kit covers all of Mercury Outboards from Optimax to Verado and Racing

  • Includes OST-0032 (31mm X 5mm, Optimax Trim), OST-0034 (40mm X 6mm), OST-0035 (42mm X 6mm), OST-0036 (46mm X 6mm, Optimax Tilt)
  • Full Warranty on wrench bodies
  • Wrenches Manufactured in the USA
  • Tool Grade Stainless steel, designed for professional durability and reliability
  • Kit includes an extra set of 6mm pins (OST-0007) and 5mm pins (OST-0033)

Mercury Trim Wrench Kit For Optimax OST-0038M

  • Kit fits all Mercury Optimax Tilt Trim assemblies
  • Includes OST-0036 (Fits Mercury 46mm X 6mm tilt trim cylinder caps) and OST-0032  (Fits Mercury 31mm X 5mm trim cylinder caps on OPTIMAX and Mercury Four Stroke models)
  • Fits Optimax Models: 2.5L 115-175HP, 3.0L 200-250HP, 3.2L 300HP
  • Fits Mercury 4 Stroke: 3.4L 175-225HP
  • Fits Mercury Verado 150 and 200 HP
  • Tool grade stainless steel wrench body
  • Comes with  replaceable pins (OST-0007 and OST-0033)
  • Wrenches made in the USA
  • Full unconditional warranty

OST-0042 Yamaha V6 4 Stroke Tilt Trim Rebuilt Kit


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The OST-0042 Wrench Kit includes the OST-0013 and OST-0003B Spanner wrenches needed for complete tear down and re-assembly on Yamaha F200 to F300 Four stroke 3.3L and 4.2L trim tilt units.

  • Compatible with all F200 to F300 V6 Models as well as OX66 200 HP and above
  • Tool grade stainless steel
  • 4 pin design for maximum torque
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Full unconditional warranty. 

Check out this wrench kit in action in our YouTube Demo:  Scroll down for demo copy/paste the following link into your browser:

(video features first generation version of OST-0003)

OST-0046 Tilt and Trim Spanner Kit for Yamaha 4 Stroke F150 and F115 “Showa” and Johnson Evinrude


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Kit includes the updated OST-0023B with OST-0023.002 (32mm Adapter) and  OST-0014 35mm Spanners

  • Required tools for Trim and Tilt tear down on all Yamaha F150 (pre-2012) and F115 (pre-2014) also fits Johnson Evinrude V6 and Suzuki
  • OST-0023B with 32mm Adapter fits trim caps listed below
  • OST-0014 Fits Tilt caps listed below
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Fits trim and tilt caps on the following:
Yamaha Showa power tilt trim units: F115 (2000-2013), F150 (2004-2014) * F150 from 2014 to current requires OST-0023 and OST-0013*, Yamaha F350 (all models)
Suzuki 4 Stroke: DF150, DF200, DF225, DF250
Johnson/Evinrude: 60-250 horsepower 2 stroke (1982-2005)
Evinrude Etec: 115 to 300 horsepower (all model years)
Honda 4 Stroke: 75 to 225 horsepower (1997 to 2019)
Check out our demo video!