Everything you need to efficiently and safely service hydraulic steering system components such as hoses, helms, cylinders and power assist pumps

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Bleeder Valve Wrench for SeaStar OST-0031


OST-0031 Bleed Valve Wrench for SeaStar, designed to fit where other wrenches can’t 

  • Designed for SeaStar bleed valves, allows a tech to access bleed valves more easily with the motor in all positions
  • Maximum versatility, won’t pop Power Purge and Bubble Purge fittings loose during bleed/flush
  • Adjust bleeders with Power Purge quick connects attached to SeaStar bleeders
  • Stainless Steel
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Full unconditional warranty. 

Bubble Purge Pro Return Hose Extension OST-PBB.010.5

This return hose extension connects the cylinder attachment to helm tee when the distance from cylinder to helm is greater than 20′. Item length is 10′.

Bubble Purge™ G2 Hydraulic Steering Bleed and Purge Kit OST-PBB.001


In Stock!

We created the Bubble Purge G2 to offer you an easy to use tool that makes hydraulic steering maintenance and repair a 1 person job.  Our patented kit is a perfect fit for SeaStar, BayStar and Uflex helms and cylinders.   Maximize your investment in the  right tools to maintain your boat and motor!

  • One person can easily bleed, purge and flush the entire system from end to end, no need to pierce the bottle.  The G2 kit and bottle remain completely sealed during the entire process.
  • G2 quick connect fittings are modified for better clearance in confined spaces, an absolute must for Yamaha 4.2L and 3.3L F200 to F300 applications.
  • Bottle Fill Tube engineered for a tight seal and elongated tubing means you can actually set the bottle down somewhere to check on other stuff (requirement for a true 1 person job), 2 separate swivel points with easy 360 degrees rotation at the bottle cap and the helm fill offer you unmatched flexibility as opposed to flimsy, leaky plastic fill tubes which are too short to set down, have poor or no ability to rotate without coming unscrewed, and are prone to leaking when exposed to direct sunlight….. sunlight! 
  • The Cylinder Attachment connects onto the bleed fittings with a simple push and click.  Will not leak during bleed process.
  • The G2 Kit comes with full warranty, and tech support to help with any questions
  • Not recommended for steering systems with integrated Power Assist/Power Steering and or Auto Pilot components 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Bubble Purge G2 Instructions

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BUBBLE PURGE G2? Check out the FAQ page by clicking HERE.

Scroll down for demo video (features generation 1 Bubble Purge Kit) or Click Here to Watch.

Dual Cylinder Upgrade Kit for Power Purge Jr. OST-0051

  • 2 hose kit connects to Power Purge Jr cylinder bleed fittings to allow for simultaneous Purge of dual cylinder systems
  • Fits SeaStar hydraulic steering systems with dual cylinder and Liquid Tie Bar
  • No retrofit needed, two hose kit connects directly to power Purge female quick connects and connects to 4 bleeder valves on dual cylinder hydraulic steering systems
  • Drip free seal
  • Upgrade kit for Bubble Purge SC, to allow Dual Cylinder compatibility
  • Full warranty

Fluid Purge and Bleed Assembly for Optimus 360 OST-061


Fluid Purge and Bleed Assembly for Optimus 360

  • Hose and valve assembly connects between Optimus Series Steering Pumps and SeaStar Hydraulic Steering Cylinders for system bleed and flush
  • 15′ Length, quick connect fittings connect to male quick connects found on Optimus Pumps and SeaStar Cylinders
  • Includes Return Hose Disconnect, for contaminated fluid disposal during system flush


Helm Fitting Replacement for Bubble Purge OST-PBB.001.4


Replacement fitting for Bubble Purge G2 and Pro Series Kits

Fits all SeaStar, BayStar and Uflex UP Series Helms


Hydraulic Steering Cylinder Bypass Attachment OST-PBB.001.3


The cylinder bypass attachment is a component of the Bubble Purge Kit G2 but also is a stand alone diagnostic tool that connects to the cylinder bleed fittings on Seastar , Baystar and Uflex hydraulic steering cylinders.

  • Used for isolating and identifying steering issues (is the steering system fighting with you or is it the motor pilot tube?)
  • Once connected to cylinder, allows cylinder to move freely without adding air or spilling fluid
  • Clear tubing allows you to see what’s in the steering system without having to open it up
  • Attachment can be prefilled, with including quick connect fittings so steering system can be opened up or bypassed without adding air to system.
  • Diagnostic Applications Include:  diagnosing steering issues on the motor such as seized or stiff pilot tube, helps diagnose internal helm problems like check valve issues without having to open the steering system up
  • Comes with quick connect fittings to allow the attachment to be filled, drained and vented
  • Made in the U.S.A. Full Warranty

OST-0002.001 Hose Pull Coupler

Designed to connect the old hose to be removed to the new hose for install. Eliminate fluid spills in the bilge during hose removal and protects the new hose from damage during install

  • Much faster hose replacement
  • No messy tape which dissolves when it comes in contact with hydraulic fluid
  • Old fluid is contained until ready for disposal
  • Can be used with OST-0002.002 Hose End Cap  seals the old hose at both ends while pulling the new hose through narrow rigging conduit below decks
  • Price is per 1 fitting

OST-0002.002 Hose End Cap

In Stock

  • The hose end cap is used any time the disconnected hose needs to be sealed such as during helm or cylinder replacement
  • Prevents hydraulic fluid from leaking out of old hoses and contaminating bilge, other below deck and above deck areas during removal
  • Price is per 1 fitting