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Mercury Optimax and 4 Stroke Trim Wrench 31mm x 5mm OST-0032


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  • Fits Mercury 31mm X 5mm trim cylinder caps on OPTIMAX and Mercury Four Stroke models
  • Fits Optimax Models: 2.5L 115-175HP, 3.0L 200-250HP, 3.2L 300HP
  • Fits Mercury 4 Stroke: 3.4L 175-225HP
  • Fits Mercury Verado 150 and 200 HP
  • Compatible with Following Part Numbers:  Trim Cap 8M0143003, Guide Assembly 99638A1, Guide Assembly 878243A1
  • Tool grade stainless steel wrench body
  • Comes with 3 replaceable pins (OST-0033 6mm) and leveling pin to hold wrench level on 2 hole Merc Caps
  • Wrenches made in the USA
  • Full unconditional warranty

Filter Bowl Wrench For Racor (large bowl) OST-0020


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If you’ve ever had to leave the marina to find a replacement for the bowl that you damaged during service removal, you’ve paid for this tool 3 times over.  

  • Designed to fit large Racor filter bowls for easy safe removal
  • Safely remove stuck filter bowls
  • Will fit in tight spaces can be coupled with any 3/8″ drive ratchet or extensions
  • Polished Stainless Steel Body, built to las

Fuel Filter Wrench OST-0018 For Yamaha F150 to F350 and Suzuki DF250 and DF300


Engineered to professional standards for speed, durability and safety

  • Fuel filter cup wrench for Yamaha F150 to F350 and Suzuki DF 250 to DF300 filter assemblies. 
  • Safely removes filter cup from filter assembly without damaging delicate plastic parts and avoids tangling in the water sensor wiring. 
  • Compact slotted design allows wrench to clear the fuel water sensor pigtail with no interference and fits easily into tight spaces. 
  • Stainless, fits all 3/8″ ratchets. 
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Full unconditional warranty.

Mercury Outboard Trim Wrench Kit OST-0052


4 Spanner Kit covers all of Mercury Outboards from Optimax to Verado and Racing

  • Includes OST-0032 (31mm X 5mm, Optimax Trim), OST-0034 (40mm X 6mm), OST-0035 (42mm X 6mm), OST-0036 (46mm X 6mm, Optimax Tilt)
  • Full Warranty on wrench bodies
  • Wrenches Manufactured in the USA
  • Tool Grade Stainless steel, designed for professional durability and reliability
  • Kit includes an extra set of 6mm pins (OST-0007) and 5mm pins (OST-0033)

Fuel Pressure Test Adapter OST-FST-001 for Mercury, Yamaha, Suzuki


Our fuel pressure test attachment is designed to allow a conventional fuel pressure gauge with Schrader fitting to connect to 4 stroke EFI pressurized fuel systems that have no Schrader fitting but have either quick connect fittings or hose barb fittings

  • Fits Mercury 4 Stroke and Pro XS,  Yamaha and Suzuki with and without Schrader fittings
  • Quick connect fittings will seal completely preventing leaks
  • Kit comes with attachments to fit schrader fittings on Yamaha 4 stroke and 2 stroke OX66, and Mercury 4 stroke EFI as well as older Suzuki 4 Strokes EFI
  • Made in The U.S.A.  Full unconditional warranty on entire kit


Helm Fitting Replacement for Bubble Purge OST-PBB.001.4


Replacement fitting for Bubble Purge G2 and Pro Series Kits

Fits all SeaStar, BayStar and Uflex UP Series Helms


Remote Fluid Fill Kit- OST-0949


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OST-0949 Remote Fluid Fill Kit offers many advantages for filling hydraulic fluid reservoirs: 

  • OST-0049 is the forward half of the Bubble Purge G2.
  • Easily converts most 1 quart fluid and oil bottles into a sealed squeeze bottle for fill and bleed on your outboard hydraulics and hydraulic steering reservoirs (SeaStar, BayStar and Uflex UP Series Hydraulic Helms)
  • Stays sealed during storage, quick connect fittings make the bottle ready to fill hydraulic fluid reservoirs in seconds
  • Includes G2 Helm Fill Fitting, as well as interchangeable long and short fill tubes.
  • Clean and sealed solution for tilt trim reservoirs as well as a long reach option to fill recessed and hard to reach reservoirs found on Power Pole and Jack Plate installs without all the hassle.
  • When you are done, the tubes disconnect, leave the cap on the bottle and it is sealed and ready for storage
  • Short tube has tapered fitting for Showa PTT fill ports and restricted diameter fill ports
  • One step solution, remove the bottle cap, add our fill cap assembly and you are all set
  • Made In the U.S.A. Full Warranty

Hydraulic Steering Cylinder Bypass Attachment OST-PBB.001.3


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The cylinder bypass attachment is a component of the Bubble Purge Kit G2 but also is a stand alone diagnostic tool that connects to the cylinder bleed fittings on Seastar , Baystar and Uflex hydraulic steering cylinders.

  • Used for isolating and identifying steering issues (is the steering system fighting with you or is it the motor pilot tube?)
  • Once connected to cylinder, allows cylinder to move freely without adding air or spilling fluid
  • Clear tubing allows you to see what’s in the steering system without having to open it up
  • Attachment can be prefilled, with including quick connect fittings so steering system can be opened up or bypassed without adding air to system.
  • Diagnostic Applications Include:  diagnosing steering issues on the motor such as seized or stiff pilot tube, helps diagnose internal helm problems like check valve issues without having to open the steering system up
  • Comes with quick connect fittings to allow the attachment to be filled, drained and vented
  • Made in the U.S.A. Full Warranty

Mercury Trim Wrench 40mm X 6mm OST-0034


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  • Fits Mercury Verado and Mercury 4 Stroke 300 trim cylinder caps.  See our schematic for measurements!
  • Tool grade stainless steel wrench body
  • Comes with 3 replaceable pins (OST-0007 6mm)
  • Wrenches made in the USA
  • Full unconditional warranty