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-Bubble Purge G2

-Bubble Purge Pro SC & DC Instructions

-Bubble Purge Pro SC & SC Schematics

-Lower Bearing Carrier Puller (OST-0024) Instructions

-Lower Bearing Carrier Puller (OST-0024) Schematics


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Bubble Purge G2, Bubble Purge Pro SC and DC FAQs:

Bubble Purge G2- My kit does not have the short section of tubing with female couplers:

We eliminated the short female to female section in the second generation “G2” kit.  The new G2 kits have a short section of tubing with male fittings on both ends.  This section of tubing is only used for system flush (connected to the end of the cylinder attachment) or for a quick helm fill (connected directly into the bottle cap and used like as a squeeze bottle) as seen in the G2 demo video on YouTube. 

Why does the G2 listing say it is not intended for systems with power assist or autopilot?

The Bubble Purge G2 basically converts the steering system into a large circuit, pushing air and fluid back through the steering hoses into the helm where it will vent through the helm fluid reservoir.  This process can be problematic for more complex systems because once a power assist pump or autopilot pump is purged, you do not want to risk re-introducing air into the pumps as the air is pushed through the hose on the way back to the helm.  The Bubble Purge Pro Kits are recommended for these types of installs because they vent air out of the system back at the steering cylinder through a return hose that runs above decks, drastically shortening the ventilation process and eliminating the risk of reintroducing air into a fully purge pump.  The return hose on the Pro SC and DC kits is also compatible with any SeaStar external bleed fittings which are built into several models of Auto and Power Assist pumps.

I have dual cylinder with liquid tie bar, which kit is best?

We recommend the Bubble Purge Pro DC for this type of system due to the way the system is configured.  The above decks return hose allows the Tie Bar Valve to be opened and both cylinders purged simultaneously.  This creates a much more efficient path to purge air and eliminates the possibility of chasing air from one cylinder to the other which can happen with purge systems designed for single cylinder use only.  

What do I do with the fluid remaining in the Bubble Purge hoses once the purge is done?

If the fluid remaining in the Bubble Purge hoses is clean, you can simply connect the hose ends to each other, this will seal the unit off, preventing any leaks and store the Purge kit in a safe dry spot our of direct sunlight. 

My Steering system has Power Assist, How do I purge my steering and Power Assist pump?
First, follow the basic purge instructions for your particular Bubble Purge SC or DC kit to get the air out of the helm, main hoses and cylinder(s).  Then follow the instructions in the “Power Assist Purge Instructions Supplement”  linked here.

My Steering system has Dual Stations with Auopilot, what is the basic purge procedure?Follow our  instructions for your Bubble Purge Kit.  Then consult the guidelines in the “Dual Station with Auto Pilot Instructions” linked here.

I have Uflex steering in my boat.  Is Bubble Purge Compatible?  Yes, all Bubble Purge Kits (G2, Pro SC and Pro DC) are compatible with all Uflex cylinders and helms including UC128OBF Series Cylinders and UP28 Series Helms.  

I have BayStar Steering in my boat.  Is Bubble Purge compatible?  Yes, all of our Bubble Purge Kits (G2, Pro SC Pro DC) are compatible with all BayStar Helms and Cylinders.

Click here to download the  Auto Pilot Purge Instructions, Bubble Purge Pro SC and Bubble Purge Pro DC (non-manufacturer specific)

Click here to down the Instructions for SeaStar Dual Cylinder With Liquid Tie Bar Purge Sequence Using Bubble Purge Pro DC

Tilt Trim Repair

Click here to download the “Showa Bleed Sequence” PDF.


How does the rental program work?

Several of our tools and wrench kits are available as rentals. Rental tools are new or used tools that have been inspected, and reconditioned when necessary, and we guarantee that the rentals that we ship to you are in 100% perfect mechanical condition. Once you have paid the List Price for a rental kit (one month rent plus refundable deposit), you can keep the tool for up to one month. We will refund the deposit back to your credit once we receive our tools from you. The List Price is the retail price for the tool or kit, as if you were going to buy the kit new. Most rental tools and kits will contain used tools, if you decide to keep the rental, no problem, we are paid, but please let us know by email if you decide to keep your rental. If the tools in your rental kit are used, we may still offer some refund of your deposit even if you decide to keep them.

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